Ensuring that everyone who bets on British horseracing has a voice to effect changes for the good of fellow bettors and the sport as a whole.



The role of the Horseracing Bettors Forum (HBF) is to represent the interests of those who bet, or who might bet, on British horseracing in a manner which is of benefit to all types of horseracing bettors and to the sport of horseracing itself through a transparent, fair, competitive and inclusive betting environment.


The Forum’s objectives are to:

  • provide a means by which the interests of British horseracing bettors are represented in relevant decision-making processes for the good of both bettors and the sport of horseracing in Britain, such as by responding to horseracing-related industry consultations.
  • to raise issues of concern about the sport of horseracing, including but not limited to the provision of raceday data (going, distance, race times etc.), horse-related information, fixture list and race programming with the BHA.
  • identify areas for improved practices and development of initiatives that may be of benefit to those who bet on British horseracing, with organisations that oversee horseracing and horseracing betting in Britain, including the BHA, Gambling Commission, Racecourse Association, Betting and Gaming Council, Starting Price Regulatory Commission and Horserace Betting Levy Board.
  • highlight concerns to operators that offer markets on British horseracing, where they are not aligned with the HBF’s Bettors Charter.

The Forum is an independent advisory body on behalf of the sport and, as such, has no mandatory powers, but, where appropriate, it will seek to influence policy in accordance with its stated objectives.


The Forum will be chaired by a member of the Forum so appointed by the other members for a maximum of three years (other than in exceptional circumstances). The Chair will appoint a Deputy.

There will be a minimum of six and a maximum of eight other members of the Forum who collectively offer a wide and varied range of perspectives from across the betting and racing industries, chosen for their knowledge of the betting environment and their ability to represent the betting public. Such individuals will be invited on the basis of relevant personal expertise and insight, rather than as representatives of betting or industry stakeholder groups. Preference will be given to individuals who:

  • Demonstrate a proven interest in matters of concern to the British horseracing betting public
  • Provide evidence of understanding/experience of topical subject matters impacting the British racing betting landscape; and
  • Are prepared to commit to assisting the HBF, such as through internal discussion and case-study work.

Appointments of members to the Forum shall be for a period of up to four years (other than in exceptional circumstances), which may be extended for a further term at the discretion of the Chair and Deputy Chair. It is anticipated that Forum members shall not serve for more than two terms.

The Forum is supported administratively by a ‘Secretary’ who is appointed by the BHA. The Secretary will attend meetings to take notes and ensure timely circulation of minutes following meetings.

Other individuals, such as guests from across the betting and racing industries, and members of BHA staff, may be invited by the Chair to attend the Forum from time to time as the Chair deems appropriate for particular agenda items or for entire meetings.


The quorum necessary for the transaction of business, shall be four persons, including the Chair and/or his or her Deputy.

All or any of the members may participate in a meeting of the Forum by means of a conference telephone or any communication equipment which allows all persons participating in the meeting to hear each other. A person so participating shall be deemed to be present in person at the meeting.

Each meeting will be chaired by the Chair, unless the Chair is not in attendance for whatever reason, in which case the meeting shall be chaired by the Deputy Chair or another Forum member of the Chair’s choice.


The Forum will meet at least four time per year, and at such other times as considered necessary by the Chair, in consultation with the members of the Forum.


A meeting of the Forum may be convened at any time by reasonable written notice (including by e-mail) served upon all Forum members by or on behalf of the Chair with a minimum of one week’s notice (other than in exceptional circumstances).


The Secretary will prepare short minutes of the proceedings of all meetings of the Forum.  Minutes of Forum meetings will be circulated promptly to all members of the Forum by the Chair, and a summary will be made available on the HBF website.


Matters discussed at meetings of the Forum are likely, from time to time, to be of a sensitive nature. Therefore, all meetings of the Forum will be conducted in strict confidence, and accordingly each member of the Forum will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement on appointment to the Forum, which will set out in full their duties of confidentiality. In particular, information provided during and in relation to meetings of the Forum, including all agendas, minutes, and papers, must remain confidential (except as otherwise set out in these terms of reference), unless the Chair agrees that specific information may be shared with particular people in order to further improve the work of the Forum.


Forum members shall be expected to contribute to Forum discussions on a strictly independent basis. Any conflicts of interest must be declared prior to joining the Forum.   Each member of the Forum must also declare in advance any personal and non-personal interests in any agenda items. In the event of a conflict or potential conflict, the Chair will decide what action is appropriate, which might include requiring the relevant member to withdraw from that part of the meeting, although such action is only likely to be necessary in exceptional circumstances given that the Forum has no mandatory powers.


The Chair of the Forum will liaise and report on the activities of the Forum to the BHA Executive as required.


HBF encourages applications from a broad range of the public to ensure the group is as diverse and inclusive as possible.


All members of the Forum are unpaid volunteers; however, members will be reimbursed by the BHA for any reasonable expenses incurred in attending Forum meetings, or on other essential Forum business, and claimed in accordance with the BHA expenses policy in force at any time, and approved by the Chair and at least one other member.

Please note that the Forum cannot deal with individual account disputes, closures, restrictions or other such queries. Should you be unable to resolve a complaint then you can approach the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS)