UKGC’s statement is a welcome recognition that there are issues surrounding the implementation of Rule 4 at present. HBF has lobbied since its inception for an application of R4 more in keeping with the actual Tattersalls rule, whereby bookmakers should apply the deduction either to board prices at the time the bet was struck, or at the time of the official BHA notification. This differs from the subsequent notification system used by Weatherby’s, whereby as much as ten minutes can elapse between official BHA notification and bookmaker implementation. 

With regards to the Evans/Ladbrokes case, HBF accepts that: 

– There is evidence of a single instance, not systematic abuse [though further investigation may have uncovered the latter]

– This is a historic case pre-dating UKGC’s first stated position on R4

– The LCCP does not act as a ‘catch all’, and in terms of the LCCP there has been nothing specifically breached [although the ‘fairness’ principle has certainly been brought into question].


HBF is satisfied that if evidence is brought to UKGC in the future, and subsequently upheld, they would act against both the operator and the industry to introduce one of the scenarios for which we have lobbied, as per their release.

– 4th July 2018

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