In accordance with point 1 in the December 2017 version of the Betting Charter – “Advanced protection of punters’ funds” – HBF has established a Register of the degree of protection of funds being claimed by various betting companies.

Details of the Gambling Commission’s categorisation in this area are given on that organisation’s website: The summary of those categories may be found below.

It should be noted that the Gambling Commission leaves it to the companies in question to decide which category they fall into, but that they may check the accuracy of this self-assessment.

Customers are advised to read the relevant T&Cs and satisfy themselves that the company in question is providing the level of service it claims.

HBF conducted an audit of a number of the more prominent betting organisations and the level of protection they claim. In the absence of any indication to the contrary, HBF has reported that self-assessment.

In the Charter, HBF asked that companies offer “medium” or “high” protection of customer funds. It has indicated where that has been claimed, and where it has not, in the accompanying Register.

Companies which do not feature on the Register are invited to contact HBF at if they seek inclusion. Companies which alter their level of protection are also invited to contact HBF with that information.

All details are, to HBF’s best knowledge, correct at the date of audit. HBF cannot be held liable for any errors, or for updates which occur subsequent to the date of audit.

HBF hopes to expand this Register in time and to revisit the details in it on occasion.

Updated February 2020


In the table below, 0=Not Protected, 1=Medium, 2=High

N.B. All information is as reported on that company’s website at the date of audit. HBF cannot be held liable for errors, or for updates subsequent to the date of audit. Any such should be drawn to HBF’s attention. ‘Medium’ in red font denotes that these bookmakers state in their T&Cs that they cannot absolutely guarantee that all funds will be repaid.